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Great Coffee, Mission Driven

We are veteran-owned, micro-batch coffee roaster located in Edgewater, MD.  While great coffee is our passion, our focus and commitment is to community first.  We see coffee as the product which can bring happiness to everyone (I mean who doesn't love coffee), but more importantly, coffee gives us the way to give back to our communities.  Delivering the finest roasted coffee on the planet while giving back to our communities is our mission.  We donate a portion of every bag of coffee sold to community and veteran organizations.

Is our Coffee Good? Don't Ask Us, Ask our Customers

"The coffee tastes great and I love the mug. I'm proud to support a Navy veteran owned business. Great work guys!" - Justin J.

"I love this coffee. I’m supporting my military fam AND getting a good cup of coffee! We are hooked." - Assonta W.

"Just received our order of coffee and wanted to say thank you for the extra thank you bag you all through in there. Your coffee really is delicious! A friend tasted it at a festival in Maryland or Va and told me about it! I, too, am a Navy Chief and proud to support your business!!" - Kristilynn Z.

"Thanks Casey and Matt for getting my mornings off to a good start." - Sam C.

"Warmest thanks to Anchor Coffee Roasters for their support of Pathway’s Prevention Education program. A portion of each bag of their coffee sold will directly benefit special areas of care and programs at AAMC. " - Sam B.

Our Story

You deserve great coffee. With a good cup of coffee you can start your day right, survive the night shift or catch up with old friends. Coffee is a critical fixture in life - so you deserve the best. 

Anchor Coffee Roasters was founded by two Navy veterans with two core passions: service to our country and a damn fine cup of coffee. For us it began in childhood, to the Fleet, to today, coffee’s been a constant.  We decided to share our fixture and our passion with you.

We sampled coffee from all over the world. While the bean quality is critical, the roast will make or break your experience. Too many of today’s larger roasters char coffee beans until the flavor is gone, leaving nothing but a bitter charcoal taste that lingers on the tongue. Stores stock coffee that remain on the shelves for months or years; the coffee slowly losing the essence that once made it great.

Anchor Coffee Roasters recognizes that every coffee drinker is different.  We cater to your desired coffee taste.  We give you the option to pick your bean and your roast, and truly roast to order.  Once we have perfectly roasted your bag of coffee, we ship your order.  The result is a fresh roasted bag of coffee direct to your door. We don't pre-roast any of our online orders and every bag of coffee lists the date of the roast.

Finally, the only thing we take more seriously than our coffee is our sense of service.  A dollar of every bag of coffee goes directly to nonprofit organizations. So every one of your purchases helps veterans and local community organizations.